USANA New Zealand Staff Make a Difference

Christmas is the time for giving and all the staff of USANA New Zealand have raised funds during the year to donate gifts and toys to Starship Children's Hospital. These will be used for Christmas gifts and in the wards to be given to children throughout the year. The Wii will be used as part of the educational and physio units. In addition to the gifts, mobile phone top-up vouchers were purchased for the teenage patients who use mobiles to keep in touch with friends and family.

From left to right: Shona, Marissa, Liaine and Len

Pictured above gifts donated

About the hospital - Starship Hospital provides leading health care to nearly 150,000 children each year from around New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Pictured above Starship Atrium

To donate to Starship Children's Hospital, click here.

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