USANA Celebrates Brent’s Achievement

USANA New Zealand had a very special guest on Tuesday 30 November. Our own USANA Sponsored Athlete and Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist – Brent Newdick was a VIP at a morning tea held at the Mercure Harbor Hotel to celebrate his Silver Medal win at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, New Delhi.

Associates and Staff alike were very happy to meet Brent, ‘We all enjoyed Brent’s company. It was inspiring to listen to his goals and dreams and how USANA is supporting him on this journey’.

Brent was interviewed by General Manager, USANA Australia & New Zealand, Gill Stapleton and talked about the importance of good nutrition as part of his training and fitness program and his confidence in USANA products

Q: What USANA products are you taking and why?

A: My favourite USANA products are the HealthPak, Rev3, CoQuinone 100, Chocolate Fusion Nutrition Bars and Biomega III. I trust the quality of the products and have confidence that I am getting nutrition that I would otherwise be missing out on.

Q: How did you find the USANA Nutritional supplements helped you at Commonwealth Games?

A: The competition comprised of a very tight schedule of training and competing. I have confidence while training and knowing that I can push my body to the limit and still be able to recover the next morning, ready to compete ’.

Q: How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

A: A big part of competing is being supple enough to withstand the physical rigours, so stretching is vital – along with a healthy diet. I also see a physiotherapist twice a week for regular checkups, and gets acupuncture when needed. My body is my job, If it’s not working, then I’m not working. If I’m eating well, then I’m training well.

Q: Winning a medal takes persistence and determination. How did you stay focused on that goal for so long?

A: It’s a mental challenge, With life in general, there are so many things that pop up and you have to stay on track, not over-commit and do what you do properly.”

Brent signed autographs and posed for photographs on the day. Not only is he a stellar athlete, he is also a nice guy. We loved having you visit us Brent, and look forward to seeing more great things from this young athlete who now has his sights set firmly on winning Gold at the World Championships in 2011 and London Olympics in 2012. USANA is with you all the way!