When One Achiever Meets Other Achievers…

For those who have read our previous blog about Gill Stapleton’s great result in the New York Marathon, you probably already know that Gill is very much an achiever. She sets high targets for herself and works hard to achieve them, both in her business and personal life.

On her way back from New York, Gill travelled to San Jose, California and met USANA Leaders Aaron Dinh, Kathy Ngo and Miss Un and she delivered an inspiring training to all the female Associates in Aaron’s team. “As the General Manager of USANA Australia and New Zealand, it is great to take this opportunity to introduce myself to our overseas Leaders and Associates and listen to their enthusiasm for the USANA business.” Gill says.

One thing is for certain, Gill was pleased to meet the many high achieving leaders in attendance and see how they inspire each other with so many great ideas to build their USANA business.

USANA Associates achieving more

For high-achievers in USANA, in addition to their amazing work ethic they consistently exhibit and teach some basic traits.

Here are just a few....

Finally, whatever it is you want to achieve, know that it is the power of your dedication that will bring your dreams to life. Your desire and your commitment can make a huge difference to your level of success.