USANA Supports Bike Ride to Wellington Program

USANA Australia New Zealand congratulates the entire team of 12 cyclists who recently rode 300km in just three days from Hastings to Wellington, New Zealand from November 6th – 8th, 2010. Many of the travellers weighed in at more than 100kg. The weight loss program is based around Maori ideas of health and wellbeing – psychological, spiritual, physical and family. Well done!

USANA is proud to support this program and amazing group of cyclists with low GI foods, including USANA Nutrimeal, Nutrition Bars, and energy drink, Rev3 Energy Surge.

USANA Associates and Physio experts, Katy Parsons and Louise Coughlan, kept the team healthy on their marathon bike ride. Katy says: “It was essential that they refuelled and were eating nutritious food whilst on the ride. We have some new fans of the Rev3 drink, it transformed one man’s ride on the first day, peddling through a strong southerly wind and the rain to reach our first destination. Also for myself, I never felt so good despite never riding that kind of distance over 3 days before.”

The program has been life changing for those involved. Let’s wish them good luck on their journey of turning around a lifetime of habits towards good health and fitness.

Katy’s tips for a marathon bike ride:
Please check our Facebook to watch the Wellington Hikoi montage of their journey to Wellington.