USANA Supports the Ride to Work Program

Today marks Ride to Work Day, an initiative contributing to cleaner air and better health. USANA Corporate got involved and team members (from left to right); Michael, Brenda, Robbie and Paul dusted off their bicycles and hit the road.

Ride to Work Day is a free program run by independent, not-for profit, Bicycle Victoria. Last year’s event attracted over 95,000 participants across the country, cumulatively travelling 700,207km – that equates to riding around the world 17 times! Statistics show that, five months later 35% of those new riders were still riding to work.

So, what exactly are the benefits of this commuter revolution?

• Health – Keeps you fit, reducing risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease
• Save money – Reduces travelling expenses
• Help the planet – Reduces carbon emissions
• More productive – Through improved fitness and mental alertness
• Weight management – Combine with USANA’s RESET program and get ready for summer!

Let us know if you rode to work today by leaving your comments below.


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