USANA Australia is Warming up for Dragon Boat Racing

It was a beautiful Sunday morning when the USANA Sydney Dragon Boat Team started their first of many training sessions for the upcoming Dragons Abreast Festival.

The USANA team is made up of corporate staff and Associates and supported by thousands mo
re around Australia who are passionate about making a difference to people's lives. This is USANA's second year to participate in the festival, raising funds to support people with breast cancer. The coaches are amazing women and breast cancer survivors.

Dragons Abreast is a fantastic charity, promoting a message of education, hope and awareness of breast cancer.

What is Dragon Boating?

Dragon boating is simply a boat of 20 paddlers, a drummer and a steers person ("sweep") paddling to cross the finish faster than their competition. It's a team sport in its purest form that encompasses the elements of power, speed, synchronization and endurance. The basic techniques of competitive dragon boating are usually balanced boat set-up, flawless strokes and rhythm.

Thinking about racing a dragon boat? Some useful tips are:
The USANA team had a great time at the training session. We are prepared to paddle hard and give our loudest shout to raise the awareness of breast cancer. Leave your message of support below or follow the journey on Facebook.