Congratulations to Silver Medalist Brent Newdick!

USANA Australia and New Zealand offices were cheering with the great news coming from Commonwealth Games 2010 at New Delhi!

Congratulations to Brent Newdick, who just won a silver medal in the decathlon event on Saturday, 9 October 2010. According to the New Zealand local media TVNZ, he was “stoked” with silver!

Brent has trained throughout the competition to go from being fourth at the last Commonwealth Games to achieving second place. We are so proud of him!

25-year old Brent is USANA Australia and New Zealand's youngest sponsored athlete. Check out the USANA products that Brent is currently taking to maximise his performance at the games: HealthPak, CoQuinone 100, BiOmega III, Chocolate Fusion Nutrition Bars and Rev 3 Energy Surge.

Celebrate Brent’s win and send him your congratulations by leaving a comment below or on Facebook.

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