USANA is sharing The Solution!

It's a beautiful sunny day in Sydney, a great day for a stroll. And it's an even better day because Millie Qiu is on the streets, looking out for people and seeing how she can help them out.

As she's driving, she sees a young pregnant woman walking down the road and stops for a chat. She asks this lady how her and her growing baby are doing and whether they are taking vitamins and what their future plans are after birth.

With only 9 months in USANA, Millie is an approachable, kind and caring person who genuinely wants to share her passion for True Wealth and True Health.

Great story right? How do we know about Millie? Because Millie was actually talking to a USANA staff member, during her lunchtime stroll. With only 9 months in the business, Millie's aim is to give away 3 Health and Freedom Solution DVDs a day and our staff member was to be the third.

Millie is so passionate about USANA and the freedom that it can bring, she's loving the Health and Freedom Solution DVD and she's loving life.

"Someone has helped me in my life. I would like to share and help more people." - Millie Qiu

It was a great day to see USANA Associates like Millie, trying to make a difference. Thank you!

We love hearing stories like this so if you have a great "How I got into USANA" story, please let us know! We'd love to hear from you.

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