USANA has a Cuppa for HeartKids

Those statistics are heartbreaking...but don't despair...there is an organisation out there that raise awareness and provide support for people affected by Childhood Heart Disease.

HeartKids is an organisation that support families who have a child with Heart Disease. They provide support and raise awareness in the hopes of reducing the incidence of Childhood Heart Disease and to decrease the mortality rates for Childhood Heart Disease.

And good on them! Today, USANA held "Cuppa for HeartKids" to raise awareness and funds to help them continue their good work in supporting families that are affected by Childhood Heart Disease and continue to fund reasearch for a cure.

As USANA Australia's chosen charity, we are absolutely in love with HeartKids - we love the fact that it's not just about the disease, it's about the people and in line with our own vision and mission, we love supporting a charity that really cares.

Earlier in the year USANA donated $3500 to HeartKids and we hope to continue to support them in their great work. So today, not only did we have a cuppa, have some fun and have a few treats, we were able to do this all in the name of HeartKids and the great work that they do!

NOTE: Although nothing beats a Peanut Butter Nutrition Bar, a Chocolate Whey Nutrimeal or even some we gave ourselves a special treat all for a good cause! :)

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