Joining the USANA Million Dollar Club!

A big congratulations with Jian-Guo Shen and his wife Jian Fang Ding who are USANA's new Million Dollar Club members! What a great day for them! It's always a great day when we get to welcome new people into the Million Dollar Club!

Let's set the scene, it's a beautifully sunny day in Sydney, Australia. At 3pm, a car arrives, and 2 lovely people start walking out carrying LOTS of bags! Who could they be except for Jian-Guo and Jian Fang?! They had come to visit us and what a momentous day it was! The staff at USANA Sydney Corporate could not wait to go downstairs and welcome the couple!

We love welcoming people into the Million Dollar Club but guess what? They brought US gifts! What generous and kind people - they even brought us Moon Cakes to celebrate the Chinese Moon Festival!

A big thank you to Jian Guo and Jian Fang who came to celebrate joining the USANA Million Dollar Club and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS once again! It was great sharing that day with you!

It's so great to see people who are living their dreams and living the USANA difference because of the USANA opportunity they took up! We love seeing people enjoying True Health and True Wealth!

If you want to see more photos of a great afternoon with Jian Guo and Jian Fang go to our Facebook page or put this url into your browser:

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