Health and Business Seminars in Sydney!

Not only was there 1 show in was so popular that we had 2 shows! What a great day! We've had such a great Seminar Series and we really wanted to thank you all of making it so fabulous! For your involvement and your enthusiasm! It was great to see the energy throughout Australia and New Zealand and it was such a great day, full of entertainment, great information and NEW PRODUCTS! (See our blog on New Zealand's H&B to have a quick read about the products)

We had some great Robin Ellis and Deepika Sharma.

Even a special International visitor from the US, Mark Wilson, Executive Vice President of Sales.

But don't take it from us - let's here from the people - the Sydney Associates who came for the day and had a great time!

It was great to hear your thoughts on the new Health and Freedom Solution DVD...

(Barry W. Smith)

And it's great to hear that you're loving the NEW PRODUCTS like the new Sensé Blanc Balance

(Mary Ma)

So make sure you're at Health and Business Seminars next year because it's an event NOT TO BE MISSED! Can't wait to see you next year!

Continue to be Motivated. Educated. Inspired!

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