USANA International Convention over for another year

...but we're still talking about it. It's just that spectacular, it's a once in a lifetime experience but the best thing about it? It happens every year! This year we had new products, new business tools, iphone and ipad applications, great entertainment, great knowledge - USANA International Convention is the place to be - but don't just take our word for it. Hear from the Associates who go to Convention and absolutely love it! Thinking about going? Don't think about it anymore - take that step and plan for next year!

The entertainment @ #USANA10 was just amazing!

"Every year USANA’s convention blows me away and this year it’s no exception. There is a reason that USANA has won ‘BEST Live Event in America’ two years in a row. It was outstanding and experiencing it is a must if you want to take your business seriously. The growth you’ll receive if you apply what you learnt will pay dividends for the rest of your life!" - Dale Folland, Emerald Director (NZ Associate)

"My belief levels in USANA (company and products), and myself, rockets up to new highs every time I attend convention. I am so inspired to reach out and make my dreams and goals come true! My business would not be where it is today if I didn’t attend convention. I’m now ready to launch into my USANA business with a cup full of strong belief, new ideas, inspiration and goals. I highly recommend to anyone to DO WHAT IT TAKES [to] come to USANA International Convention next year. Start planning towards it right now! See you at convention 2011!" - Ayelet Fleming, Director (NZ Associate)
(Ayelet with Dr. Wentz pictured to the right @ USANA International Convention)

"This year’s convention was incredible – just like every other year. I’m constantly inspired to continue building my USANA business each time I attend this phenomenal international event. It’s like plugging back into a battery charger for a boost! I love being inspired by new stories and people of all backgrounds who are making their dreams happen. There’s no better business than the one we’re in of changing people’s lives, connecting their dreams, and helping them break through!" - Jennifer Lim, Emerald Director (NZ Associate)

Dhaneel, Thong, Raman, Nancy & Kresant looking great @ #USANA10

Raman, Emerald Director (AU Associate), has been going to Convention since 2008 and is still loving it:

"To be the best you have to learn from those who are the most successful. This year was even more amazing than last year, USANA constantly raises that bar and you never know what you will get but it is sure to blow you away every time. Every year I go, I return with renewed vigour and excitement as I'm so pumped full of inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm and knowledge, it's like I'm a new person. Ever since that first one I attended in 2008, I have not missed one since, and I'm not about to start! So if you want to Break Through whatever barrier is in front of you and raise yourself to the next level, International Convention 2011 is somewhere you have to be."

Not to mention you get to meet everyone at Convention, here's Kresant and Dhaneel with Dave Wentz!

What did USANA International Convention reveal this year?
* New products: Proflavanol C with HYBRID Technology, Fibergy Plus, Sense Blanc Balance Brightening Range and Sense Natural Whitening Toothpaste
* Business Tools: Health & Freedom Solution (soon to be available as an iphone App)

What's Hybrid Technology? USANA is the first in the industry to employ Nutritional Hybrid Technology which features bilayer tableting, allowing two unique formulations to be combined while remaining distinctly separated.

And before we really wrap up #USANA10 - a big thank you to Kresant, Bob, Mary, Raman and Dale for their images and quotes from #USANA10! We can't wait to hear from you again next year!

A few more awesome images from Kresant, Bob and Mary...

BIG THUMBS UP from Bob, Gill, Mary & David @ #USANA10

David & Mary shopping up a storm!

Kresant and Gill

Raman, Dhaneel, Kresant & Anthony - looking good!

And to finish off - a great little video from the Mahilall brothers talking to Dave Wentz! Good job guys!

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