Good fats you need to know about

Good news! There are some good fats our body needs. Omega-3 is alone such far - it’s even been called the “miracle food of the 21st century”.

It’s winter, we’re stocking up on fats trying to keep warm and the last thing you want to hear is a about another “fat” that you should be putting into
your body. But have no fear; saturated fats like Omega-3 (and fats found in meat, milk and cheese) are actually good for you. So trade some of those bad fats for some health Omega-3 fish oil.

You might be thinking that Omega-3 is just another fad that we’re going through but research has shown that fatty acids can help maintain normal, health cardiovascular function and helps maintain good joint health.

To put it simply, Omega-3 is great because it makes blood platelets less sticky. Less sticky means it’s harder for them to clump together and less clumping leads to less heart attacks and better blood flow. Sound like good news right now?

It’s not just great for your heart function, it’s great for insulating your organs, maintaining good joint health, reducing inflammation, and lowering cholesterol. It’s even said to be great for pregnant and breast-feeding mother’s and the baby’s growing brain.

So how can you get enough Omega-3 this winter? Change your diet a little to include more fish like salmon and tuna, flax seeds,
walnuts, tofu and brussel sprouts.

But if the mention of brussel sprouts turns you off your meal then we’ve got a great alternative for you. Take two capsules a day of USANA’s BiOmega III to boost your Omega-3 intake and enjoy this winter with a little good fat running through your system.

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