67 minutes...

There’s probably not much significance for people like us, sitting on the other side of world but Sunday 18 July was Nelson Mandela’s 92nd birthday. Even if his birthday has no significance for us, what he’s done in the world definitely has some resonance within our lives. Mandela spent 67 years of his life helping the South African people and in his honour, global leaders have pledged 67 minutes of their time helping another life.

67 minutes! That’s nothing, on average you blink about 900 times in 60 minutes; you could run 10km in 60 minutes; you likely spend 60 minutes watching your favourite TV show. But have you ever changed somebody’s life in 67 minutes?

We’re not asking for anything drastic, just that you think about it. If one man can spend 67 years of his life helping others…ho
w much does it cost you to give 67 minutes?

It can be as simple as making time for someone; sharing facts about living a healthy lifestyle; engaging in community service or volunteer work; giving to a charity in need; spending more time with your family; cooking that healthy meal for your family and friends; caring about the way they live their lives and how you can be there to help make it even better. Is there something that you know that you could share with another to help them change their life?

67 minutes, 67 years. What are you going to do in 67 minutes?

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