The "S" word...

Stress is a normal part of everyday life. Research has shown that a little bit of stress keeps us motivated, but sometimes stress can get to a stage where it feels all too much.

Stress can come in many forms – whether you’re studying full-time, working, as a parent, or a child. The human body can handle a lot but it will generally react to any stress the same way. Stress helps you to cope with life’s challenges but the more your stress system is activated, the harder it becomes to switch off…and that is when you start to do serious damage to your health.

It can raise your blood pressure, suppress your immune system, increase your risk of heart attack and stroke, decrease fertility and speed up the aging process. Long-term stress can lead to anxiety and depression. So take a look at your life and see if you’re showing symptoms of stress – if you are, maybe it’s time to make some drastic changes.

Some Symptoms of st
ress include:
Memory problems
- Finding it hard to
- Constant worrying

- Moodiness
- Irritability or short temper
- Feeling ov
- Depression or general unhappiness
- Aches and pains
- Frequent colds
- Nausea, dizziness

- Eating more or less
- Insomnia or oversleeping
- Using alcohol, cigarettes or
drugs to relax

Work stress has increased due to economic downturn; people are afraid to leave work for fear of being fired, sometimes your workmate or boss upsets you – is it really worth it? If work is too much, maybe it’s time for a change.

Maybe it’s time to work for yourself and start that home-based business you’ve always wanted. Like many home-based businesses, USANA offers the perfect opportunity for de-stressing your life. Starting a USANA business gives you time freedom – you work when you want and where you want. You have time to look after your children and most importantly to take time for yourself and look after your own health.

Try to spend some time looking after you. Turn off the mobile and the laptop. Take a mini-break, do something that makes you happy and that gives your body time to recover from the stresses of life. Life can sometimes be hard to handle, it’s ok to admit that, so take a little time for yourself, so that you can face whatever comes your way tomorrow.

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