World Health Day

World Health Day is Thursday April 7, 2010. Every year WHO (World Health Organisation) put aside a day to focus on Health Issues. So just how healthy are you?

Use this time to talk about how to be healthy with the people you know. Make a pact with a friend to quit smoking; drink less; exercise more; eat better. What better day to start than a day focused on health?

Pull out all those dusty ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ you hid in the cupboard for “the next year” and make April 7 the start of your new exercise regime.

Resolve to get healthier, fitter, and happier.World Health Day is about learning more about health, starting a conversation about how to stay healthy, and asking others what they’re doing to enjoy life at its fullest and how they can be healthy. We’re in the era of urban growth and although it may be great to work in an air-conditioned, high-rise building, all these plans have serious ramifications on our health. But you’re in charge of your health, so take control today.

Cities around the world will open up their streets to local heroes and health champions on April 11. Go to WHO website and try to make it to an event. Why not start up an event for your friends and family? Have a Yoga session in your backyard, host a healthy cook-off with friends, walk the streets and meet some local health champions during April.

And while you’re at it, take the time to really learn about health issues that are affecting different parts of the world. Use it as leverage to help yourself stay fit and healthy. Educate yourself about health issues that are having a huge impact on people. Take that information and use it to live out every day in a healthier way.

Here are some ways to start living healthier:

Do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day
Eat more vegetables and fruit

Take up a gym membership

Be more nutritious in your every day life

Make sure you have the right supplements in your body, every day

World Health Day, this April 7, educate yourself and make it the day you start getting healthier.

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