Men – don’t leave your health to chance.

Do you know a man or are you a man who sometimes ignores health issues that may come up? It is a well known fact that when it comes to health, men are less likely to seek advice or treatment. Often, prevention is the key and it’s much easier than treatment. But this requires a new attitude from men when it comes to facing their health issues.

What’s the old attitude? Man up, toughen up, ignore the problem. How many times have you heard a man go “It’s nothing, I don’t need to see a doctor.” Well it’s time for that attitude to change.

Prostate cancer is the prime example of an illness that is preventable. A change in attitude is all it needs, instead of toughening up – it’s time to ‘man up’ and get a check-up. Regular check-ups and a greater understanding of the symptoms of prostate cancer can prevent disease and can save lives.

Here are some facts: men are more likely to be injured in the workplace due to having more high risk jobs, men tend to suffer from stress related illnesses and overworking can often lead to inactivity, leading to poor lifestyle habits like diet and alcohol.

Men, it’s time to take control of your health. What can you do? Have a look at your diet, exercise and your lifestyle choices.

Swap a night on the couch with mates to a night on the field playing footy, swap that fatty fried food to some fruit and veg. Eat well, make sure you’re getting the right balance of essential vitamins and nutrients.
Eating well, getting the right balance of vitamins, nutrients, fats, sugars etc is the first step to good health. Your diet sets you up for everything else. Poor diet means low energy, motivation and mood. If you have trouble eating enough of the right stuff, kick start your diet with supplements. Not sure if you’re getting enough? USANA has a great range of vitamins and supplements that could be perfect for you.

Ladies, if you know a man who’s avoiding the doctor – it’s time to give them a gentle nudge in the right direction, if you see them binging on beer, offer them a better alternative. Gentleman, if you know you’re in need of a lifestyle change – make today the day. Change your diet, make sure your body has everything it needs, try to leave the office on time and remember the power of prevention.

Make that overdue visit to the doctor today and see whether your body is coping with everything you’re putting it through – you may be surprised. Do your research and look for more information on good quality nutrition and high quality supplements you can take on a daily basis.

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