Staying Younger Longer

You are not alone if you feel the pull towards trying to halt or turn back the clock on your body. The good news is whilst you can’t stop the clock you can do lots of things to ensure you stay younger longer and keep your body and mind in great shape as you age.

There are many factors that influence how a person ages. Our bodies respond significantly to the way they are treated. Lifestyle, diet, stress levels, work and family can all affect the way a person ages.

If you abuse your body with bad lifestyle choices and excessive behaviours or if you have a highly stressful job and get little exercise you are on the fast track to aging before your time.

The most effective way to slow down the clock is to look after yourself. Get enough sleep, eat, drink and party in moderation. Gain a work life balance that allows you time for relaxation, exercise, family and holidays. Maintain a healthy balanced diet and ensure you are getting the right kind of nutritional intake for your body.

Regular exercise as you age is very important. People who have been physically active in their lives are more likely to age better and suffer less from problems related to inactivity like high blood pressure and obesity. If you struggle to stay active find something that you can enjoy with family or friends, take up a new sport or activity, try getting into a routine with your exercise.

Supplement your diet where necessary as you age to ensure you are not lacking essential components you need to stay fit and healthy.

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