eComm Etiquette

New media is changing the way we do business, and changing the way we interact and market to our audiences. As a business owner you can reach significantly more people than you ever could in the past and you get the opportunity to interact in a entirely different way.

With the rise of social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter you have the opportunity to target more tightly and interact more personally. However with this opportunity comes a greater responsibility to pull your audiences rather than push them.

A sure-fire way to push your potential audiences away is too misuse social media. But if used correctly mediums such as Facebook and Twitter can benefit your business in ways that traditional marketing couldn't even come close.

Here are some tips for online marketing etiquette that will help you maximise new media;

Overall online is a great way to connect with people looking for what you have to offer, so once they have found you all you have to do is make the connection and keep them coming back.

Build your USANA business online and tap into greater markets within New Zealand and the world.