The Many Benefits of Direct Selling

Direct Selling is a great business to be in. People that are in the business will agree with me when I say- Direct Selling Rocks! But for those that don't know what Direct Selling is, allow me to explain what you've been missing.

The Direct Selling Association (DSA) explains Direct Selling as follows: "Direct Selling is the sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location. This means that you don't have to go to a shop to get the products sold via Direct Selling. The products or services are marketed to customers by independent salespeople which have a different role description depending on the company they represent. So they can be called distributors, representatives, consultants or various other titles."

DSA is the national trade association of the leading firms that manufacture and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers. Approximately 200 companies are members of the association, including many well-known brand names such as USANA.

Data from recent surveys conducted by DSA indicate that Direct Selling is a vibrant marketing method that engenders considerable loyalty among its representatives and customers. Were products initially sold through in-home product demonstrations, parties and one-on-one selling, these days marketing innovations such as the internet and mall kiosks are gradually used more and more as methods of sale. And quite successful I might add.

The great thing about Direct Selling is that anyone can do it. You don't have to have an education or have years of experience; you don't need financial resources or physical condition either. Literally people from all walks of life, of all ages, are successful in direct sales.

Research conducted by DSA shows that people choose Direct Selling because it's a good way to meet and socialise with people while you're working. Direct Selling is all about flexible work schedules because you're your own boss. You can work either part-time, full-time or anything in between. A lot of people actually start out part-time and once they're up and running they leave their other careers because their business is booming!

Because you are an independent contractor you'll earn in proportion to your own efforts. This basically means that you determine the level of your success; you set your own goals and determine yourself how to reach these. Direct Selling is a great way to earn extra income if you're doing it on the side of your regular job. If you're looking to own a business- Direct Selling is a great easy way to own a business because you don't need a huge capital to get started.

Assuming that you'll join an established company registered with DSA such as USANA, you'll receive training, support and back up, and invitations to events from that company. With this support, the sky is really the limit. Don't forget, people like to shop through Direct Selling. It's convenient, prompt and with that personal touch that so many retail outlets lack these days.

Direct Selling is a continuously growing industry. In the last decade sales in the U.S. alone have more than doubled to more than $30 billion! There is nothing stopping you to be a hit in Direct Selling! Many people have gone before you with USANA as you can see here. USANA has got great opportunities, be sure to check them out.

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