Good news for chocoholics!

This news is going to make your day: Chocolate is healthy! Yes, you've heard it right. The scientific seal of approval has been given and we can all now eat this mouth watering goodie without a worry in the world or a bad conscious.

There is one catch though. This great news only counts for quality dark chocolate which is rich in cocoa solids. So, unfortunately for those milk chocolate lovers: only pure dark chocolates have the qualities that are beneficial to your health. Dark chocolate contains less sugars and more cocoa than milk chocolate does.

Having said this, I can now carry on with my eulogy. A good quality dark chocolate from Usana Foods releases endorphins in the brain that acts as a pain reliever. It will boost your appetite without causing weight gain and it reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. Cocoa is rich in flavanol antioxidants, and has the potential to improve cardiovascular health and decrease blood pressure. Studies also indicate that flavanoid-rich high quality dark chocolate can improve insulin sensitivity in healthy people. The polyphenols found in this type of chocolate are very good antioxidants that destroy dangerous free radicals in the human body.

However, chocolate is still chocolate and therefore still contains calories. And calories aren’t that great for a guilt-free-chocolate-experience. If you're conscious of managing a healthy weight, USANA Health Sciences offers a healthy approach to chocolate cravings. They offer a great tasting low GI chocolate snack bar and meal replacement shake.

The USANA Chocolate Fusion Bar is a delicious flavour snack that all chocoholics will love. It contains 12g of protein and 3g of fibre while providing extra protein and sustained energy. It's formulated without gluten and contains all natural flavours and sweeteners. A great macronutrition option for chocoholics who are conscious of health and weight management.

The USANA Chocolate Whey Nutrimeal has a chocolate flavour which the true chocoholic will love. It’s a meal replacement shake that doesn’t contain any soy protein or gluten, but which does contain 15g of high quality whey protein, 8g of dietary fibre and is Low GI. Whey protein has a high bioavailability rating, which means that more protein is absorbed by the body and used for growth, repair and energy production.

Now, I can carry on with all these difficult words and how good this all is for you, but really- who cares? USANA's guilt-free chocolate range is ideal for those who enjoy the great taste of chocolate and are looking for a healthy alternative.

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